English Corner presents… «Mystery in FM Logistic»

«Mystery in FM Logistic»

Teachers proposed us to make a short mystery-comedy film. By making this movie, we reached an important objective increasing the interest in a second language. It was really helpful because it didn’t seem like doing a “proper” class.

Acting in English, every single performance, was a huge challenge. We had to break the stage fright. It requires different things from you as an actor/actress including speaking in English.

Personally, acting attract me because it involves problem solving like shame. ………nervous, feeling felt by actors in front of the camera, rehearsals….However, it was great!

The skills acquired through playing characters gives the English learner the self-confidence to truly enjoy and the sense of fun and adventure to fully embrace the development and use of new language.

If I had to find and slogan for advertising the class, I would   say “learning by doing”.

See you!!




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