Our last interpretation….. the new story of the” little red riding hood”.

Our “English Corner classes” have already finished. Along the way, we have learned through board games that have led us to learn about different countries. We have spoken about other cultures, music etc.… introducing their specific vocabulary. Besides this, we had to interpret the story of “Little red riding hood”… but… something different ….We had to introduce objects in the story that did not match at all. The idea was to make up a role for these various objects.

foto 2

So….. If it does not fit what you heard, you do not get into a flap, that’s why you do not expect the word “roll of toilet paper, multi-socket etc.” in the story, it is part of the process of learning.  It is not that we speak badly. Understand me, it was part of the script.

Well, to end it up this article, I show you the link where the movie is. And remember …… Have a good time!!! See you!!!





A brief words of Jesus…..

Hello FM family,
I will briefly explain our experience in the first two classes in the English corner 2017 of the group of beginners.
We are learning a lot because 99% of the two hours of the class can only be spoken in English, which means that we have to be very attentive and focused.
They are very didactic and ingenious classes in which we learn through games and exercises that are both very funny, the truth is that we laugh a lot and we have a good time.
Our teacher Monica is very nice, nice and has a lot of patience, because sometimes for us to understand something without having to stop speaking in English we have to repeat it in different ways and several times. The truth is that she is a very good teacher.
I encourage you to participate in future editions because you will learn a lot and we will also have a good time.


Jesús Simó Monge

Coordinador Operaciones


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