Two months ago it started ….. and now …..our first video is here!!!!


We have already been two months with our project «Blue Hearts English Corner 2019», that’s why we want to show you this video in which you can see how we have fun learning English every Friday.
As you know, there are two Fridays a month that we have two teachers to lead two different ways of learning.
We are very happy and enthusiastic about the acceptance that the project is having, even though we are not all together every Friday.
We encourage you to participate in the survey we are doing on the two activities that we are thinking about doing, I will leave them below.

Wine and beer workshop – Tarragona (upper part).

• Duration: 2-3 hours.
• Introduction to tasting beers.
• Monographs (tasting varieties, grape zones, world wines, etc.)

Guida walks with Paul Connell

• Duration: 1.5 hours
• Description: Guided tour in Tarragona (upper part, central zone or maritime zone). Our guide explains
Very interesting and little-known stories about the history of Tarragona, all in English.
• Hours: morning, Saturday or Sunday.
• Number of attendees: from 10 to 30.

You can leave your comments here.

See you next time!

Joan and Conchi

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